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Hello, Gleo!

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

What a pleasure to welcome one of my favorite street artists and total game-changer from the Colombian perspective and beyond. Hello, dear Gleo, aka Nathalia Gallego Sánchez, aka a woman who is pumping her heritage and vision into neighborhoods around the world.

instagram.com/gleo_co gleo.com.co

Gleo is sticking with us in the Boston area until September 12th. She just started a mural at the Punto Urban Art Museum. Then, she's stopping by an art show in San Diego, and then heading to Arkansas for a month! AR seems like a slightly random location for her to land, but it sounds really cool nonetheless. We're hoping we can reconnect again in San Francisco in late October. (BTW - Ivan is already considering extending his return flight later into November. Think he'll do it?)

Back to Gleo - on top of being an incredibly sweet human being, her artwork shares funky tribal-inspired imagery that seems to be drawn from energy. Lately, she has been focused on representing her familiar roots with details that pour across the bodies and minds she depicts. The connection, the awareness. That's what I feel when I look at Gleo's work.

It's graphic and painterly at the same time, which I love. It pops while it speaks to you. It's catchy and it's deep. You can totally fall into it. #deep

Thank you, Gleo for being here with us! Thank you for painting what you paint. We can't wait to see it unfold.