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2019 Public Art Tour Kickoff

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

After a productive residency in Cali, Colombia, the Fresco team focused on curating a collection of artwork from established and rising artists in the Colombian urban art scene. We are impressed to see urban artists present their best in the constantly evolving process to form successful creative platforms. We see tireless attempts from working artists to create opportunities for themselves and other fellow muralists. We are inspired by today's young and enthusiastic wave of artists who are now growing with the idea that art can be used as a means to survive. There are enough initiatives that are slowly changing the perception of public art. Thanks to self-funded projects and an older generation of artists who have paved the way, more and more creative projects are rising to success, to the point that institutionalized organizations are enhancing their support of this artistic effort. We appreciate this resilience and we wish to help out through our exchange for artists to gain international exposure and access to a wider network. 

Our network expanded this year as we received curatorial support from Gráfica Mestiza, an alternative, creative platform that supports and promotes public and urban graphic arts in Latin America. It was inspiring to meet and invite new artists to be part of our annual traveling exhibit. Our selection of artwork was based on the representations of various practices and themes portrayed by the artists. We took in consideration their active social work, as well as their individual approach through their fine art. In the process, we collected an impressive 70+ pieces of art from Bogota and Cali artists. 

Studio Visits of Colombian Artists

So great to visit @wosnan1, @diegosalas_d.s and @dastuno!

View the full collection: frescoexchange.com/2019