• Fresco Exchange

Art Apple NYC • Bushwick, Brooklyn

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

It can be crazy how things work out, and connecting with New York’s Civilization Three and Art Apple NYC was no different. It all started this past winter, when we met up with one of our favorite street artists in Colombia. He shared a group in Brooklyn that jives with the mission of Fresco Exchange --- a Latinx couple who founded Civilization Three. They’re passionate about creating opportunities for artists through multicultural celebrations, coordinating gatherings in NYC, from fashion shows to art pop-ups. They’re young, excited, and driven. They’ve even mentioned bringing their entrepreneurial event production to Colombia and opening galleries in cities that may benefit from alternative art venues. Long story short, we connected with them, and next thing you know, we’re planning a collaborative exhibition at Art Apple NYC in Bushwick.

Brooklyn offers endless inspirations, but the gallery was still absolutely packed on this Thursday evening in November. The large group of gathering creatives made for a vibrant event. The folks at Civ3 took the festivities to the next level with a free “paste-up” wall, where photographers and makers collaged their memories and experiments. Some installations took all day, others formed quickly throughout the course of the night. The music was loud and the area was overtly sensory. Everyone was participating through their own lens. Props to the creative collaboration!

Meanwhile, the Fresco Exchange Collection was presented strongly, representing not only the Colombian artists we’ve been showcasing all summer, but also the street artists of Boston who are making their mark on the city. Our goal was to bring artwork from across cities and countries together in a single exhibition. The diversity added another level to the display, visually representing our broader values of making art opportunities accessible to all artists and art of all styles through alternative outlets. In some ways, we were able to bring the feel of great street art into a gallery setting of Bushwick. Still, the quality is what stole the show: the impressive contemporary fine art popped off the wall. Fine art of street artists.

Thanks to Brooklyn for coming out. Y’all are nuts and we had fun.