• Fresco Exchange

Artists Row • Salem, MA

Salem is a gem of the North Shore, and each October, the town lets its witchy flags fly. Our favorite branch of magic stems from the history of Salem, although its Witch Hunt continues to perplex (... and I digress.) October in Salem leading up to Halloween festivities has become a recurring explosion of activity from curious minds, drawing in thousands upon bagillions of visitors each year. The programming is rampant and the energy is high. There are artists and makers everywhere, in large part thanks to the North Shore Creative Collective.

The North Shore Creative Collective, as one of their many initiatives, has curated opportunities for local creatives to vend and showcase their work during Salem’s October rush. Throughout the downtown, they’ve helped setup a meandering sea of booths featuring local talent and historic explorers, drawing attention to another form of creative “magic” in this area. Their mission and approach feels so authentic, and it is always a pleasure to step into the North Shore’s world of creativity - and in October, the ride is even wilder!

Fresco had the opportunity to participate in Salem’s October celebrations, and we setup our traveling collection of artwork on view towards the end of October. The Artists Row was a fitting and welcoming footprint. Our hosts at Grace & Diggs were beyond gracious. We ran into our friends from House of Roulx who were able to see their recent Fresco Exchange Collections on view. (Shoutout, if you’re interested in rockin’ art prints from Cali muralists, check them out here.)

We have learned that sometimes, we all need to bring the gallery to the street. The passing people really took in and appreciated the art -- from elementary school students to street people in costumes, tourists and locals. They asked questions and made comments. They purchased pieces they didn’t want to live without. Stickers were a hit. The talent that we showcased in Salem stood out, especially because we had a message with this collection. Our loud, vibrant, passionate colors spoke to our mission to support art worldwide: an idea that many could and wanted to support. These pop-ups may feel like a small footprint, but they represent the epitome of what a Fresco Exchange collection can do - truly intervene a space for a temporary period with a lasting impact. Boom.