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Central Square Mural Project • Cambridge, MA

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

In early November, it seemed like our tour was wrapping up. But the truth is, our projects are always continuing, no matter where we are. Ivan returned to Cali, Colombia to focus on his work with Fundación Culata, where we would see him next in January 2019. (We missed him immediately!) In the meantime, Felipe leaped back to the Boston area to participate in an exciting project on the edge of Boston.

The Central Square Mural Project pays homage to the past, present, and future of Central Square in Cambridge, Mass. The project brings together artists to paint underutilized walls throughout the neighborhood painted by local artists to celebrate the local creative economy, equity, inclusion, and social and environmental justice. Artists who have completed murals so far include Marka27, Cedric Douglass and Julz Roth, Percy Fortini-Wright, Imagine, Lena McCarthy and more.

This beautiful work is really changing the community of this Cambridge neighborhood! More murals to come to Central Square in Spring 2019.