• Fresco Exchange

La Peña Cultural Center • Berkeley, CA

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

It’s funny how projects come to life. Our connections in the art world led us to connect with Los Pobres Artistas. This group of Chilean muralists lives and works in the Bay Area. Their collective strives to break down borders and unite people and communities through art. Their murals “draw upon collective memory and aim to find a balance between our ancestry and respect for the surrounding community.” Sarah Siskin, organizer of the Bay Area Mural Festival, helped connect Fresco Exchange to La Peña Cultural Center, a creative venue space on the Berkeley/Oakland border that has been promoting social justice, arts participation and intercultural understanding since 1975.

On November 3rd, La Peña presented the Streets of Colombia party, where we were stoked to have live painting by Ivan Salazar and Felipe Ortiz, as well as another large-scale exhibition of our 2018 traveling collection (featuring fine artwork from Colombian and Boston-based muralists.)

We were also joined by eclectic band, Calafia Armada. "This diverse collective of performers tells the story of the first and only warrior queen of California through the rhythms and melodies of the Caribbean coast of Colombia and Mexico. Calafia Armada formed in large part with the purpose of studying the roots of Cumbia in Afro-Mexican and Afro-Colombian folk music, embedding the story of Queen Calafia in the rhythms and melodies that have been brought North to California in the last century."