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Meet the Artist: Mundo Letop

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

One of our partners is holding down the fort in Cali, Colombia --- and we wanted to say hello and show our respect for Mundo Letop (@mundoletop) - the co-founder of Fundación Culata, as well as an awesome muralist, illustrator, and graphic designer. In his own words (translated from Spanish to English):

In his own words (translated from Spanish to English): "From the moment I decided to be an artist, I chose urban art for its particular way of observing and sharing the world within public spaces. This approach has inspired me to experiment with different styles in my creative practice. Creativity for me is the ability to achieve the abstraction of my soul and energy, and I aim to share tranquility - with myself and the viewers of my art. Creativity is a necessary impulse - to capture what seems non-existing, what is visible but at the same time missing. My artwork - a call to "Self-Pantheism" - is a tribute to nature, to everything that's alive, and all that's been forgotten by humanity. My mission is to highlight beauty, humbleness, synchrony, power, color, and everything that surrounds us while we create. Through my art, I hope to share that we are part of an equilibrium, and that all of the ancestral is alive connecting us. With this in mind, my purpose is to share art with everyone, and connect the universe through creativity."

During the first stop of our tour... we installed this pop-up piece of Letop's in the Punto Urban Art Museum in Salem, MA and it quickly became accompanied by another piece by @pixelpancho. Love, love.

Meanwhile, Letop is helping with festivals in Colombia. Check out his work // reach out with questions! And please stay tuned for future posts that describe more about Fundación Culata and similar organizationals + projects that are- driving urban art projects across the city of Cali (and beyond!)