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Punto Urban Art Museum • Salem, MA

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

We are so excited to be in Salem, MA working with El Punto Urban Art Museum. This unique organization uses public art as a way to achieve their mission towards social justice and housing equality, and they've collected a curation of museum-worthy pieces from muralists all over the world.

We had a special day in the neighborhood.

We met David @ El Punto's HQ office. It's covered in as much street art as the streets around them. Then, we met the wall. Hola, wall. Mucho gusto!

Ivan's "jaw was on the floor" as he selected paint - there were so many options! But he still wasn't as happy as Felipe was to see the Rosco paint he ordered. Can you tell it's his favorite brand?

We walked around town and absorbed the many murals, including pieces by Chor Boogie, Don Rmix, Bik Ismo, and others. What an impressive roster.

Felipe Ortiz + Ivan Salazar