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Mural Fest • Albuquerque, NM

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Stop #3 of our journey brings us to Albuquerque, New Mexico for Mural Fest 2018. This creative festival brings together 50+ muralists --- with an international reach as far as Pakistan, that also remains deeply rooted in the city's local talent. As soon as we arrived, it felt like we entered a family. JP Eaglin, Jay Spang and their diverse team of artists, volunteers, supporters (and even family members!) welcomed us graciously. While we got to know ABQ, we saw many murals from last year's fantastic festival, but JP and Jay certainly expanded their vision for Mural Fest 2018 --- not only in the quantity of the artwork, but also in the number of local events, collaborators, community walls, and most importantly, the overall impact of their mission.

A huge attraction of this mural festival is the conscious, accessible theme: When Nature Calls.  "Murals are a catalyst in identifying and moving forward in many of the areas that we are struggling in as a culture," JP told KRQE. And while this idea could certainly apply to many challenges across urban cities - from equal opportunities to safer streets - the idea of using urban art to reiterate the importance of respecting our natural work is impactful. According to their team, "this year's theme brings focus to Planet Earth’s climate crisis and how it is effecting all life on this floating rock we call home. From California being on fire to Houston, Puerto Rico & Hawaii drowning in water and lava to New Mexico facing one of the worst droughts in history - we felt a need to bring our world community together through murals, music and culinary arts to highlight solutions we can all play a part in moving forward.Sustainability, global warming, water protectors, farm-to-table, healthy eating habits and the strength of community to turn crisis into opportunity will be among the themes being painted in this year's festival."

Congratulations to Felipe Ortiz and Ivan Salazar for their Mural Fest projects.



Bik Ismo Puerto Rico @bikismo

"Bik" is a CHROME MASTER with graffiti roots, who also finds time to organize street art events. Bik Ismo also painted in Salem's El Punto, and also has the largest mural in the Caribbean: a water tank in Caguas, Puerto Rico.


Jodie Herrera

Albuquerque, New Mexico @chromaj jodieherrera.com

Jodie Herrera is a Northern New Mexican painter with Latina, Apache and Comanche ancestry. In one of her lead projects, Jodie creates semi-photorealistic figurative oil paintings portraying women that are going through or have persevered through trauma. She also launched Women Across Borders, an International Arts and Activism project, where she specifically works with refugee and immigrant women and creates paintings that illustrate their personal journeys."My ultimate goal is to to connect and uplift all women, while providing a platform for important issues around intersectional feminism, I hope my work to be a catalyst for positive change."


Gris One

Colombia @grisone

"Gris One creates imaginative compositions with stylized fonts into abstract geometric planes and organic beings that evoke the power of nature and the chaos of the metropolis. He is a traveler from Multichromatic Galaxies that goes around landscapes that constantly change in a symbiosis between creation and destruction."

THANK YOU... to everyone involved in Mural Fest 2018.