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AQUATIC • City of Palm Desert, CA

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Of all the sweet, curated Californian cities near Joshua Tree and Coachella Valley, we fell for Palm Desert! This lovely town merges tropics with desert mountains, and this scenery inspired three nature-focused murals. The City of Palm Desert has a dedicated Public Arts team who brings rotating murals and sculptures to this picturesque town. We were thrilled to receive an offer to paint the city's active Aquatic Center, which attracts locals and visitors from all backgrounds and age groups.

Our artists -- Felipe Ortiz, Ivan Salazar and Charlotte Maker -- were initially inspired by the "aquatic" theme and came up with designs that incorporated sea life and giant waves. But as soon as we arrived, we were blown away by the natural settings and incorporated local influence into our paintings -- from the very specific palm trees that gave the town its namesake, to the population of butterflies that are celebrated in the city.

Each day, new visitors stopped by to engage with the creative process and welcome our art. Our goal is to help the City of Palm Desert to continue to grow their urban art program and change the way that murals are appreciated in this area. Thank you to everyone involved for this unique opportunity!