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Beyond Walls Street Art Festival • Lynn, MA

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Fresco Exchange is happy to return to the Northeast for another round of adventures and collaborations with Latin American artists and beyond. Our plans include art exhibits, murals, another public art tour, and an awesome collaboration with Beyond Walls.

Photos by North Shore Creative Collective. Thanks, friends!

Summer is here and we are back in Boston, MA. Our mural season starts with a selected lineup to participate in this year's Beyond Walls Street Art Festival in Lynn, Massachusetts. Fresco Exchange collaborated once again with Gráfica Mestiza on a special project called the Pasteup LatinoAmerica Project. We launched a call for art to invite urban artists, muralists, designers, graffiti writers and artists in general to submit original designs to be printed and pasted up on the streets of Lynn during the Beyond Walls festival. Ten designs were selected to share our Latin American influence with Lynn's vibrant latino population. 

Part of the mission for the Fresco team is to encourage collaboration and inspire other artists to create their own opportunities. We realize that not every mural or public art project will be sufficiently funded, so we look to the core of our necessity as artists and as community members. We try to close the gap between our practices in South America and the approaches to public murals in the US.

This year during the Beyond Walls festival, we present a different approach to murals beyond the common large-scale walls that have been completed in the past. Introducing a "street-level circuit," our crew will intervene smaller-scale, street-level walls. making our efforts a bit more approachable and adaptable to the public. It is humbling for us artists to interact with our community and we hope it goes both ways. Our crew this year counts on the participation of Ivan Salazar, Felipe Ortiz and Jesus Rodriguez from Graficá Mestiza. Together, we hope to reach our audience one-on-one, which isn't always possible during larger murals when we're above the ground in huge aerial lifts.

Murals and Public Art



Exhibit @LynnArts

Photo by the Item Live.

Pasteup Project

Youth Engagement

Thank you to Beyond Walls and all the artists involved. Some of our favorite pieces from the festival:

Murals by @rubenubiera, @golden305, @smugone, @addfuel, @bkfoxx, @celsoart, @b0rdalo_ii