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Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center • Fort Myers, FL

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Our 2019 tour reroutes north as we head to Fort Myers in the west coast of Florida to continue on to our sixth stop during this east coast tour. Located in downtown Ft Myers, the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center welcomed our traveling exhibit to their beautiful venue. The beauty of this gallery exceeded our expectations. The display was magnificent, their lighting highlighted the artwork in a unique way, and the digital display of public murals done by the participating artists helped the viewers connect the transition between fine art and public art. Thanks to the gallery director, curator, manager, and all hands involved!

We organized a quick pop-up event for our exhibit welcoming visitors, tourist, organizers and collectors to view the work. Our diverse selection of artwork drew a wide range of viewers and brought a balanced amount of responses. iioss continued to make a good impression as a curator’s favorite while Gleo enchanted many viewers with her colorful and powerful imagery. Meanwhile, Felipe Ortiz created a live painting to interact hand- on with the public outside the gallery as he painted a traditional Florida scenic painting.

The beauty of a traveling exhibit is that the art reaches new audiences. The Fort Myers public was enthusiastic about seeing the connection from fine art to murals. The city's effort to adopt more public art is still a difficult task but with efforts like this one, we hope to encourage art organizations and artists themselves to fulfill their creative vision. With effort and passion, they can continue to present a dialog to include more public art in their city.